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The Causes of Inner Wounds and How to Recognize Them

I never get tired of writing articles about this mental injury because there are so many impacts that occur in life due to emotional wounds. Unfortunately not many people want to know and accept it, they often ignore it. Maybe you too.

It is very important to know ourselves, what we are feeling and experiencing, how we respond to it, and so on. And what makes us who we are today is a series of experiences from the past to the present.

Of course, in the course of these experiences since we were small, it is not always a good and beautiful experience. There are times when we experience unfavorable and painful experiences. A good experience will have a good impact too, on the other hand a bad experience if it is not handled properly it will have a bad impact as well.

Often people ignore their bad experiences, and think of them as a storm that will pass. Nothing is wrong. Storms do pass, but remember that storms pass always leave a trail. Storms make what is left is not intact anymore. Likewise bad experiences for ourselves, it will remain imprinted in the heart.


The Indicates That You Have Inner Wounds

Do you have a bad experience that still lingers to this day?

Maybe if you're in front of a lot of people you'll hide it and say "I'm fine." But bad memory strikes when you're alone.

Recognize the following signs that indicate that you still have unresolved inner wounds.

1. Easily suspicious

It's easy to become suspicious of the people around you or those who try to approach you. This is because there was a childhood experience where at that time you felt neglected, betrayed, lied to by those closest to you. It could be your parents. But at that time you were a child which they thought was okay for you. The fact is that our childhood memories are stronger and that's why bad events from childhood still linger on into adulthood.

Although you are easy to suspect but basically you feel afraid of being abandoned. So easy to suspect this is a form of self-defense against painful things that could happen.

2. Not Confidence

As we grow from childhood to adulthood, we will be affected by the environment in which we live. If you are currently growing into an insecure person, maybe you need to look back that something caused you to be that way and you need to change it.

Growing up in an environment that likes to label children, for example you are stupid, you are not diligent, you are shy, etc. Your brain is used to these names so that you become as stored by your memory. Though your abilities will always improve and you will never be the same person from day to day.

3. People Pleaser

You will find it difficult to make decisions for yourself when this bad feeling hits you. Growing up under the control of parents who also determine the likes / dislikes of children will make it difficult for you to refuse parental requests and ultimately unable to say no to things that actually do not make you comfortable.

This discomfort feeling or as people pleaser also tends to always try to make people happy. And that is impossible.

If you hate someone or something you always need a reason not to feel guilty. Whereas it is necessary to free yourself to like or dislike something, and there is no need for excuses.

4. Forgive but Not Relieved

You always try to forgive those who have hurt you. But in the end you feel that it is not enough to bring relief and peace in your heart.

That means there's still a part of you that's hurting and you're ignoring it. So do not want to respond to make peace when you decide to forgive him. Therefore, look for the cause of the inner wound and heal it first.

5. Easily Hurt

The term today is probably baperan. People with emotional wounds tend to feel hurt easily. Even if it's just a joke from a friend but you will feel hurt.

Anyone can be hurt. But the characteristic of a person with an inner wound is that he will be hurt more often because he is no longer able to filter which things should be normal and which are not.


Those are some of the characteristics of mentally injured people that you can identify as the cause of inner wounds. Mental wounds are not visible but the duration of the pain can be longer and the impact can be more severe than physical wounds.

There are various ways to cure it. But before that I would like to advise you not to rush in healing your inner wounds.

Like the process of forming inner wounds that have occurred since you were little. So even to cure it can not overnight.

Nor am I going to tell you to quickly make peace with yourself. Because I know it takes a long process.

It even takes years to be able to recognize and accept mental wounds until finally deciding to heal the inner wounds that we experience, depending on how severe and long the inner wounds you ignore.

I can say this because I experienced it and until now it can't be said to be 100% cured. Sometimes there is still something that is missed and unconsciously leaves an inner wound.

I would advise you to get to know yourself better. Find times when you are truly with yourself. And trace back what made you hurt. Maybe there will be some memories of past events that you are trying to forget will reappear. That's okay and don't ignore it.

Like treating a physical wound, you must first clean the wound with alcohol or clean water. It's going to be painful then, isn't it? Feel the stinging sensation. Well, after that you can cover the wound with a plaster.

So is the case with inner wounds. It may be uncomfortable and even painful to remember. Inner wounds to parents, friends, siblings, spouses. They are the people closest to you, in fact it is very vulnerable to hurt you. Think back to what really hurt you, perhaps what they said, did, how they treated you, and how they ignored you.

One thing I want to emphasize to you is that getting hurt is nothing to be ashamed of. You didn't come into this world to be perfect. Your inner wounds are not always bad. There are times when he is your savior to be able to live better in the future.

Never again ignore your inner wounds. Work on taking it slowly. Never be afraid of others knowing that you are hurt, because it is not a disgrace.

You also don't have to restart your life from scratch to be able to erase bad memories from your previous life. Because it was a series of experiences and life maps that got you to this point. The point at which you realize that you are hurt and ready to heal.



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