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How to be Successful in Life in 6 Steps

Everyone's definition of success is not the same. But how to be successful in life in 6 steps are patterned even though the goals of success are different.

Just like you travel to a place, in order to succeed in getting to that place, of course you need to collect information first. Well, I want to share a story about the pattern to success itself.

First of all I want to ask about the meaning of success according to you. You are successful when... please fill in the blanks yourself to help you define success according to your own version.

Next, let's discuss how to be successful in life in 6 steps are true.


The Keys How to be Successful in Life in 6 Steps

Success in life can be related to getting things or feeling certain things. Examples of success due to getting items, such as houses, cars, diamonds, etc. In contrast to success because of feeling something, such as getting inner peace, happiness, and other feelings related to spirituality and its size cannot be seen because it can only be felt by ourselves.

Here I write down how to be successful in life in 6 steps that you need to know.

1. Define Your Success

As I mentioned earlier that everyone has a different meaning of success. And I remind you that you should never be guided by the meaning of success based on the judgment of others. Because it's success according to them, not yourself. Don't live other people's dreams. Create your own dream and achieve it.

2. Recognize Important Values ​​in Your Life

This point is not easy, but that doesn't mean you can't find it. You can start by making a list of your achievements so far, including the things you like and don't like. From that list you will know immediately what the values ​​of your life are.

Can the values ​​of life change? Of course. The values ​​of life can be obtained from what we learn, what we see, we read, it can also be from the life experiences of others. But the values ​​of life can also be obtained from life experience. That is what causes it to change so that the value of life is dynamic.

3. Recognize Your Potential and Talent

Once you acquire the values ​​of life. The next step to success is that you must also recognize what potential is within you. You can check through your achievements so far, or daily activities that are often done.

Self-potential is often found in everyday life that is not realized. Because maybe you take it for granted or a small thing. But you need to know that you don't get tired of doing it even if it's done every day.

So, have you met yet, what is your potential?

4. Looking for a Mentor

The fourth step towards success after you know your potential is to find an environment that fits your potential. From that environment you can meet people who are the best in that field and can be a good mentor for you too.

Why are mentors needed? Because it has potential doesn't mean it's smart. We still have a lot to learn and process. Potential is the same as talent which, if not honed, becomes dull and useless. So hone your potential by studying with the right mentor.

5. Change Life Behavior

If you have read 7 Habits you will understand what habits can lead you to success. You can start changing the stages to success starting from your daily routine.

Changing this behavior or habit is also tailored to the success you want. At this stage you will learn to make the right goal setting and planning in order to achieve your success more quickly and as expected.

Change your behavior that keeps you away from failure, such as staying up late, likes to wake up late, likes to complain, likes freebies, etc.

By changing your behavior, your mindset will also change. When you changed your habit that used to like freebies, now you prefer to treat your friends. So that your mindset will automatically change, you are no longer afraid of poverty but you are sure that your sustenance will continue to come. Yes, it's free for those who have a poor mentality because they feel they can't afford to pay.

6. Evaluate Your Steps and Give Self Reward

The last but not least in how to be successful in life in 6 steps is don't forget to measure progress at each point of your achievement. Do not ignore the slightest success, because it is a step to success.

Therefore, every achievement even though it is relatively small, you need to appreciate it with self-reward. No need for a lavish celebration, just simple enough outside your daily habits. You can celebrate it by having lunch outside buying pizza or just going to the supermarket. You can play games to celebrate your success in reaching a certain point.


Those are the 6 stages to success in a continuous patterned life. Because the name is also a pattern, it means that you also need to do it over and over again until you achieve the big success that you set.

If you haven't succeeded, it doesn't mean you need to start over. You don't need to restart or reset your life. You just need to evaluate where the error is and fix it.

Nothing is wasted. Each of your journeys is worth it even when you meet failure. Failure is the best teacher for your success.

Don't worry about success according to other people's standards. Because you are enough. Be the main character in your own life.

The keys how to be successful in life in 6 steps are to train yourself to be more positive, both thoughts, feelings and motivations. Stop blaming circumstances and other people. Because actually what you are experiencing is destiny that is allowed. Accept yourself as you are and develop your potential to the best of your ability.

You can't achieve success in a short time. So don't ever be tempted to do things that are instant to get to success, because it's all ephemeral. Go ahead and let life shape you.

Make your success point not only for yourself, but also for the benefit of others. Then God willing, success will be easier for you to achieve.

When I targeted myself to enter my favorite university in Indonesia, I used to think how to be successful in life in 6 steps. Those of you who follow my articles will remember that I told you about the NLP technique that I also applied to enter college.

Why do we need to fix ourselves to be positive, because we need to imagine the success we want to achieve in reality. We do not want the conditions when we are successful there are things that make us uncomfortable. Therefore, we need to set ourselves first to make it ready to accept the conditions of our dream success.

So start your success with good things. Change and avoid negative habits in your brain. Start your day with daily activities how to be successful in life in 6 steps. You can start it with positive thinking, build and get used to feeling positive, and always have a positive spirit to go through the days.


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