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Teenage Confidence Building Activities

Adolescence is a time in the search for one's identity. Therefore, support is needed to shape character through various activities, one of which is teenage confidence building activities.

A little story when I was in high school, the topic of juvenile delinquency and adolescent self-development was a fairly popular topic at that time. Maybe if the current era has been replaced with topics from the social media era and various challenges of the digital world.

Juvenile delinquency includes how teenagers are easily entangled in the black world of drugs. Even now, it turns out that drugs are still roaming around the world of teenagers, plus cases of online loans and trading.

Different eras will have different challenges for sure. But the most important thing is that in our teens, whether we are parents or teenagers themselves, it is obligatory to have a fortress of self-awareness and self-defense so as not to fall into these negative things.

But there are times when the temptation to try comes from the social environment. There are a lot of lures that are offered to use drugs and there is a stigma that is trying to grow if you don't use drugs it's not cool. Even today's teenagers are quite insecure if they are labeled as sloppy, sensitive, and other names.

Well, how do you deal with it so that you are not easily tempted by the persuasion of friends. One way is to have self-confidence. However, building self-confidence is not an easy thing to do. Check out the following tips for teenage confidence building activities.


Kind of Teenage Confidence Building Activities

1.       Respect and Regard

Adolescence is a time when children begin to grow up. It can't be said to be a child anymore but also not an adult. Ages considered teenagers are around 12-17 years. At this age the child is starting to have self-awareness, starting to question who he is, what he likes, what he wants. Therefore, many are also active following the tastes of their friends.

The task as parents or guardians is to give confidence to teenagers to start choosing their activities, such as participating in extracurricular activities at school and other activities outside of school to develop their hobbies.

By giving trust, it means that parents also give responsible freedom to teenagers. So that teenagers will feel that their wishes are recognized and their choices are respected.

The situation is different if teenagers are always dictated to do their activities, they cannot do this and that without explanation. Teenagers have a high curiosity. The choice when teenagers are refused to be able to do what they want is that teenagers can rebel or even stay silent which ultimately affects their psychological condition as adults, such as fear of being close friends with someone, afraid of socializing, not being able to decide for their own life choices, and so on.

2.       Giving Praise

The recognition that teens need besides freedom is praise. Teenagers have a desire to get praise, especially from parents, for their achievements.

Well, the problem arises when the achievement of adolescents does not match the expectations of parents. For example, parents want their child to get 1st rank in his class but the child only gets 2nd rank no matter how hard he has studied so far. Finally, parents are disappointed and scold their children. This is very far from the expectations of the child who wants to always be praised for his achievements so far, how he falls up and down studying to be able to rank in his class, competing with his friends who are also no less smart than him. Parents should also be aware of the child's process of trying and learning. Give praise that is not excessive but still builds and makes the child even better.

3.       Avoid Criticizing

You could say this is a period of adolescence when a sense of insecurity begins to be felt. Various feelings, ranging from falling in love with the opposite sex, feeling disappointed, emotional, sad, often make teenagers feel easily carried away.

A little criticism can make teens sensitive and feel useless. Therefore, be careful when giving criticism to teenagers. Don't blame those who feel that way because every human being is different, some are easy to accept criticism but some are hard to accept criticism.

4.       Self Esteem Building

This child's self-esteem is very important. I've discussed it in an article on self esteem building activities for  youth.

If you allow your child's self-esteem to decline, then the child will feel inferior and as an adult he will easily allow himself to be hurt.

5.       Teenage Confidence Building Activities with Focus on Strenght

Recognizing strengths and weaknesses is good. But tell the youth that after recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, they should then focus on their strengths. It aims to prevent teenagers from feeling inferior, inferior, envious, and envious. Convince them that he is no less great.

6.       Appearance is not Importance

Teenagers need to be educated too that appearance is not too important. Maybe for some jobs this appearance is the main support, but there are more important than that, namely the values ​​of life in oneself.

What are the values ​​of life? Such as the values ​​of honesty, loyalty, and fairness. What is in the heart is more important than the outward appearance. Anyone can look cool but not everyone can have a cool character.

I also hope that when I was a teenager there were people who said that appearance was not important to me. So I don't have to feel inferior to my friends who look better because they wear branded clothes, they drive me to school by car, and other glares that make me feel quite inferior. This is very influential on the learning process so I don't feel confident when I study in groups with them.

I hope those of you who are parents or guardians of teenagers can tell them this so that teenagers don't feel inferior if they look simple, only go to school by public transportation, and still eat snacks on the side of the road, not at the mall.

7.       Teenage Confidence Building Activities with Give Support for Positive Things

The next tip is to always support teenagers to do positive things. The key is to maintain communication with them. You know what their activities are but don't interfere in their activities. That is very important for teenage confidence building activities.

So you can supervise the activities of children but also give freedom to those who are responsible.


The tips above are very necessary for teenage confidence building activities. Based on the past experiences of youth, there are many things that can be learned and I want to share with you. If one responds to a situation that does not make the teenager uncomfortable or hurt, it will end up being a bad memory. The psychological language is a wounded inner child. Yes, I experienced a painful incident when I was a teenager, namely junior high school. It is still a bad memory to this day. Sometimes from that memory I feel like I have my own alarm to avoid things like what happened in the past. Can it be cured if it has already become a bad memory that remains? Of course you can, but not instantaneously. It takes a process to heal it through the recall of every incident that is remembered.

Therefore, I am more aware of self-improvement at this time, especially from the age of children because the process of self-maturation is also influenced by how we live life when we are small. The family environment plays a significant role in the growth and development of children. Through the injured inner child, I don't necessarily blame my parents' parenting style, because that method will only make me hurt, not heal. Parenting patterns in the past were certainly different from today. The parenting style of the past cannot be blamed because I believe our parents have done their best according to their understanding. Well, it's our job now as parents to heal ourselves from past traumas and not pass the same pain on to our children. In what way? By the way we follow their world today and adapt our way of educating us to the times.

That way I believe many parents are starting to be able to make teenage confidence building activities from the family environment so that when teenagers face the outside world they will not be afraid and have clear life values.


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