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5 Best Ways How To Apply Vinyl Lettering

The use of vinyl lettering is not so familiar to us. So let's see how to apply vinyl lettering, so you can practice right away.

Vinyl is another form of painted. Actually this vinyl is like a sticker for its use. It's just more durable. This vinyl painted material can last up to 8 years. Material that is strong enough and resistant for you to use. So lets check how to apply vinyl lettering. For those of you who are looking for the tutorial, you are on the right site.

How to Apply Vinyl Lettering

  1. Clean the surface

Before you attach the vinyl, you should first finish the surface of the object on which you are sticking. Because new vinyl can be firmly attached to a smooth surface. So try to clean it first so that the vinyl is easier to stick and durable.

Different objects, usually you will need a different cleaner. Like when you clean a surface with plastic or glass, you only need to use a simple cleaner like Windex. For metal surface or exterior materials, you can use a solvent cleaner and to clean the interior surface you only need to use a household cleaner.

  1. Make a hinge for the sign you want to apply

You can start managing how you will begin to attach it. You can start from any angle, and you pull it while you align the vinyl with the surface of the object, and slowly remove it from the sticker that protects it.

  1. Remove the backing

You can start removing the back of the vinyl slowly.

  1. Apply the sign

Then apply vinyl lettering to the surface of the object.

  1. Remove the tape

Pull the tape that protects the vinyl.

Vinyl lettering is usually used to decorate glass in a cafe or on a vehicle. For people who still don't understand how to apply vinyl lettering, they will make mistakes when installing it. Usually those who are not adept at installing vinyl will cause air bubbles like vinyl on the glass, so the surface becomes uneven. If this happens, it can be said that vinyl installation is not successful. Because if you remove it again and try installing vinyl adhesiveness will decrease. Especially if you have time to touch the back of the adhesive vinyl lettering.

In installing this vinyl really needed special expertise, at least he had installed and succeeded. Just like when we put a protector on our cellphone screen, if we are not used it will cause air bubbles from the tape that we try to release slowly. And vinyl is finally less able to glue on objects or cellphone screens. This makes us disappointed and henceforth we will leave it to the cellphone shop.

You can't install vinyl lettering on surfaces with temperatures that are too cold, so you will need a kind of heater that can provide hot temperatures so that the vinyl can stick.

There are 2 methods of how to apply vinyl on surfaces that are dry application and wet application, here is an explanation.

Dry applications dry faster and stick, but must be very minimal from mistakes because you can't move to try to fix the location of the vinyl on the object. That's because the surface is dry so that vinyl can be directly attached to perfect.

If you are a beginner, you should try how to apply vinyl lettering in the wet application first. Because with the wet application you still have the chance to move the vinyl position. It is essential for tanslucent window vinyl which must be bubble free. The sandblast effect vinyls TR100 should be applied wet, but for TR111 and TR113 should be applied in dry.

Wet application you can not install with the form of letters on the wall or reflective vinyl. Wall words are normally cut from matt vinyl with removable adhesive so it can be lifted and repositioned easily with the dry application.


Instructions For Dry Application

You can place the lettering or graphic accurately on the surface. Strive to use a wide strip of masking tape to stick the top edge to the surface. This becomes a hinge.

After that, you can lift the lettering or graphic, pull back and cut away the top section of the backing paper. Then holding the base of the lettering or graphic, allow it to return to its original position.

Using the squeegee and light pressure, start from top centre and with horizontal strokes, apply the vinyl. Carry on this way removing sections of backing each time. (for large signs this can be done in sections between letters)

After you remove all the backing paper you can apply more pressure. Then leave it for 10 minutes. Remove any air bubbles by puncturing the bubble at one edge with a pin, then squeegee the trapped air towards and out of the puncture


Instructions For Wet Application

The initial method is the same when attaching to a dry application, only if you want the surface to be wet, you can spray with your wetting solution.

Then allow to dry an hour. Gently and slowly peel back the application tape diagonally, keeping your hand firmly on the lettering to prevent it pulling back up. Remove any remaining bubbles and fluid with a soft cloth and leave to dry for a couple of hours


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