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Building Self Esteem in Teenage Daughter

Characteristics of daughters will certainly be different from sons, especially building self esteem in teenage daughter. I have discussed this in a previous article. Even though both women can be different, for example, there are people who when scolded are more easily offended but there are also those who are indifferent.

As a parent or guardian of a daughter, you must be sensitive to the child's growth and development, especially in terms of personality. Because the formation of personality even though it is instinctive but also cannot be separated from the parenting pattern of its parents.

Regarding self-esteem in girls, this is very important, you know, to be instilled from an early age. The goal is that children can care more and respect themselves.

The number of cases of underage sexual violence can also be triggered by the child's lack of feelings regarding his self-esteem. Because not a few children choose to remain silent and experience this torment for years, even the crimes were committed by their own biological father or other closest people.

Well, let's discuss together how building self esteem in teenage daughter.


How Building Self Esteem in Teenage Daughter

1. Find New Activities

As a parent or guardian of a daughter, you can try to find some new activity options for your favorite daughter. You can find activities that are still related to the child's hobbies or find activities that are really for children.

For example, choosing your child to learn to paint because you know that your child has always been fond of music. Still in the same field but you can help him find a new atmosphere.

The purpose of finding new activities for children is to provide opportunities for them to be able to do various positive things and hone their talents. But in some cases there are also children who do not like new things. You can provide understanding at the beginning and not force the child's will to do something.

2. Allowing children to do their hobbies

Actually, at an early age, such as the age of 5-12 years, children do not immediately find their own hobbies. Their hobbies are a series of activities that he usually does. Therefore, it is important to give children various views on activities that can become hobbies, such as sports, music, painting, writing, etc.

Try not to dictate to your child by saying only things you enjoy, such as saying that long hair is better than short hair. I guarantee that until he grows up he will believe that and will not dare to try short hair because of the initial suggestion from you as a parent or guardian as a child.

So give them an option, let them try it as long as it's not a negative and dangerous thing. After all, they will choose which one they think is comfortable and suitable for their personality.

3. Be a good role model for children

There are words of wisdom that say that a child is not a person who is good at listening to his parents but the child never fails to be the best imitator of his parents.

So don't just give advice verbally but how your attitude and actions need to be an example for them. This is so that the synchrony between words and actions so that children can imitate things that are better than their parents.

4. Set a good example for children

If you do not want your child to follow in your footsteps all this time, such as your stubborn nature or your bad habit of getting up late, then start changing and intend to be a good example for children.

How can you expect your child to be better than you when you can't set an example.

5. Say that appearance is not important

Your daughter should know that appearance is not important. Because the most important thing is what's in the heart. A beautiful appearance and a good dress are just clothes that are easy to take off. But if the heart will never be able to take it off, except himself.

I also wish someone had said this to me when I was a teenager so that I wouldn't be too self-conscious and insecure just because I couldn't wear nice clothes or jewelry.


The Importance of Building Self Esteem in Teenage Daughter

1. Children are expected to be able to limit the extent to which people can touch themselves physically

If you understand where the boundaries are, then your daughter will not be so easily harassed and touched by men or women who try to abuse her. Cases of underage sexual abuse can also be minimized if children understand that they have the right to protect themselves.

The number of cases is actually more triggered by feelings from girls who feel they deserve the negative treatment. So they need to be fortified with whatever limitations they can apply to themselves.

2. Children can appreciate what is theirs

Children don't just give up their most valuable possessions. It also helps cultivate girls' self-esteem.

3. Children can take care of themselves and are not easily co-opted by others

Children can choose for themselves what they want to do. Many opinions from other people often confuse children when they become like to please everyone. Actually, deep down they don't like to do it, but only because they are afraid of other people's negative opinions about themselves, the child is forced to do it so as not to be hated.

4. Children don't have to try to please a lot of people

As mentioned above, interference from other people can make children unable to make decisions for themselves. Always the foundation is the happiness of others. Actually this is good when the child is conscious and sincere in doing it, not for fear of being disliked.

5. Children do not feel inferior to other women who look prettier because appearance is not important

Well, it's like I said above that saying that appearance is not the most important thing can prevent your daughter from feeling inferior and insecure.


Those are some inputs on the importance of building self esteem in teenage daughter and how to do it. Children's associations are always different in every era, you don't need to give strict rules for children to socialize as was the tradition when you were little.

Give responsible freedom to your children, both girls and boys. It will help them find themselves and how to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Building self esteem in teenage daughter is important in the child's growth and development. Because how they can appreciate themselves begins when they are still in your upbringing.

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