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Reflection of Learning Soul Legacy Knowledge

This paper is actually a continuation of my learning about Soul Knowledge guided by Duma Rachmat. Who is Duma Rachmat? You can find out who he is on Instagram.

Yanda Duma, his nickname because he doesn't want to be called a teacher, brings something different in my opinion. If in psychology, there are many concepts regarding various things related to mental health, so from him I finally managed to find something that clicked. That's what we call the soul.

Departing from my anxiety so far that I feel the difference with other people. Why are they like this and I am not, why are they acting like this and I am not. I felt so strange myself that I felt alienated and eventually withdrew from society.

So, in getting to know this soul, I gradually began to understand who I really am? I wanted this and that but my self refused. It's as if there is a paradox inside that has not been completed and has become out of sync. My thoughts, feelings, and actions are out of sync.

Maybe you too have or are experiencing this?


Soul Knowledge at A Glance

I've touched on this knowledge of the soul in a previous article. About the emotions and feelings possessed, it is actually the soul's clothing, meaning not the soul itself.

Why did I become interested in this soul knowledge?

The journey of life which is quite busy with the hustle and bustle of this world's accessories sometimes makes me sick. I once had a fair amount of money (at least I think) but I couldn't afford to just spend it on myself. I spend more on my family and the people around me. But the next time I see a friend can have this and that do I envy? Yes, obviously. And I instead blame other people who like to eat my money. Though it was my choice of action. It's not their fault.

I actually realized that acceptance after I slowly learned to know who I am?

When I envy other people's achievements, can work back and forth abroad, can buy a good car, buy a nice house, I imagine what if I get the same opportunity. Is that what I really want? Or I just feel dazzled.

I imagine if I have a lot of money, I think again. Once again I crossed my mind with people who still need help instead of following personal egos. I call it a personal ego because actually humans only need a simple board, food, and clothing. If it is equipped with brands and other tertiary facilities, then it is already included in the ego.

So to be able to know the soul must experience it first. Because the knowledge of the soul is not a theory that can be generalized.


Soul Legacy Knowledge

The soul can give birth to a million phenomena. Therefore, each of us is unique and different. Our character and choice of actions can be different.

It's rather calm with the knowledge of the soul, this is what happens. Because of my anxiety why I feel strange and different from other people finally answered. Maybe other people also feel the same way, it's just not expressed.

I would like to share a little my understanding of this soul-excerpt knowledge based on the lessons learned from Yanda Duma before entering into reflection on its application in life.

What is that snippet? Nukilan is a legacy. So soul-excerpt knowledge according to my understanding is the science of the soul obtained from the experiences of teachers or people who have finished knowing their soul.

So the soul excerpt is not based on one's own experience. But soul excerpts are needed to answer common phenomena.

I myself call it knowing the patterned soul. So, for example, if we dream or experience an event similar to that experienced by the previous person (who has finished knowing the soul) then we can use it to answer the phenomenon that we have just experienced.

Although in the end each of us will have different experiences. But it is also necessary to know what the inherited knowledge of the soul is.

This excerpted knowledge of the soul also contradicts the knowledge of the soul itself which states that it takes experience to be able to know the soul itself.

You don't need to be confused because we can use this soul excerpt as a sign in getting to know the soul itself.


Reflection of Soul Legacy Knowledge

For more clarity in understanding it I will give an example of my anxiety. So all this time I was envious of people who have perfect parents. What is the perfect parent in my opinion? Yes, who can be an example and protector for their children. Something I didn't get.

For example, when more girls get married, they are still dependent on their parents, given input on the concept of a good marriage, how to pay for it, right? Well, I can't get all of that. After marriage, girls usually have children, even though she works in an office, but you don't have to worry, there are parents who can help momong, you can leave them like that. I don't have it either because my parents and husband are all dead. So I thought about it again if I want to have children, can I be fully responsible? Can I do it without the help of my parents?

But as it turned out, what became my anxiety was just an unproven fear. Do those who still have parents don't think about anything when they want to get married or have children? I got this answer from a girl who dared to have children despite having perfect parents from Raisa Andriana's story. Yes, it's Raisa, who sings Former Most Beautiful. Hehehe... Raisa said that having a child is quite challenging because it is related to how she can be responsible for raising and raising her child. Because even though they have mothers who can help at any time, every mother must have their own experiences. It should be underlined, yes, each has their own experience.

So my conclusion is that parents who can pass on their knowledge in raising children will only become knowledge, the rest of the experience belongs to their daughter who has now become a mother. Then I don't have to worry anymore because I can get knowledge easily nowadays, I can search on the internet and social media from obstetricians or people's experiences.

The phenomenon of anxiety that I experienced is only a concrete example of why learning to know the soul is important.

Then what is the goal or purpose of knowing the soul? What are the signs when you know the soul?

If you are curious, I will review again after the next lesson with Yanda Duma Rachmat. I also plan to immortalize soul knowledge with Yanda Duma on this blog so that it can be useful for many people as a form of gratitude for the soul that God has brought to our bodies.

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