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The Reasons Why We should Not To Get Credit

The credit is a loan in the form of money with the additional of profit for the lender, its also included the interest, the fine if you pay late, and the penalties of repayment of loans are accelerated. Of course the regulation from the lender harm the loan recipient. It means the loan recipient may not pay late but he also must not pay off. It make him like a prisoner of lender.

Actually what is our purpose to get credit? May be we need to buy something which costs more than the money we have, we need to repair houses even though we don’t have enough money, and the other needs that makes us tempted to borrow the money.

Besides that there are many loan offers out there, as credit cards, loans without collateral, car loan, housing loan, online loan etc. As loan without collateral, it more favored by people because we can borrow money without guarantee. Of course the loan model like that have the higher interest than other personal loan with collateral. People in the world almost all have the credit cards. By having the credit cards, people don’t need to bring cash money to travel or buy something. But people not aware that the credit cards have the highest interest rate.

If we want, we can live simpler and minimalist without a loan. But the lifestyle sometimes make people proud to live modestly and full of glamourous. For rich people, they prefer to buy luxury cars with credit cards. Such though it are not for the rich. If its rich, why is credit.

Before choose for getting loan, you should take control your money. Some several reasons why we should not to get credit or loan. Because after you get the credit, your life will full the struggle for pay the credit.

1. Know your important needs
       Don’t get credit if you are not very pressed. If it can buy by our money, you should wait longer            than borrow the money with interest.

2. Know your repayment capacity
       It’s useless if you can buy something but your salary is up to pay off debt. In fact many of debts           are bigger than the income.

3. Life is simple
        If you can live minimalist, you get rich. But if you have debt you can not focus on being rich.

4. Not Calm Life with debt
       You will work hard to get salary just to pay the debt. You will feel insomnia, difficult to eat, out           of focus. All you think about is how to pay debt.

5. Health start to get disturbed if you have debt
      Many people are sick because of most debt. Don’t know what hurts but body and soul feel                  unwell.

6. Disturbed the soul by the debt
      When you can not pay off the debt, it’s afraid to meet people, afraid to travel, afraid to leave the           house. It makes you crazy and depressed.

7. Family is not in harmony with debt
       Because it’s too focused on thinking about debt so that the family isn’t taken care of. Debt raises         unharmonious relationships, arguments, and children grow up to be naughty. 

In fact getting paid in debt is not even paid off. It it’s not addicted to increase debt or your debt doesn’t even pay off because your repayment capacity is gone.

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