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Extra Long Window Curtains


Every home must have windows, even in our bedrooms. Because if we build a home that surrounded by walls, there is no air will be enter in our home. It makes our home is not health. So the function of window in our home is important. Even there are some of you build a home which have more mirror of windows than walls.

There are so many the fashion of windows, certainly the windows for home is different with the windows for office. And so is every home have the different windows, its depend on what style of your home. Various windows have the function, whether as decoration for home or for the air to go into and out from home. As a function, the shapes of window are vary, there are long windows and short windows, it is based on the type of each home.

When we talk about the windows, we also talk about drapes for windows. Because you can not let your windows without curtains to cover it, when the nights have come and when you must to leave your home. You will not let anybody else to see your contains of a home, right? Its means your windows have ability to keep you from the bad eyes of thieves. If you have long windows, you need to buy extra long window curtains. Because you must have longer drapes than your size of windows. Trying to get an extra long curtain rod for a wide window can be exasperating and expensive. You need to measure the entire length of the window, including the window frames, for curtains that will overlap the frame. Include additional length to leave windows completely exposed when curtains are opened. For example, if you want your entire window to be in view when the curtains are opened, add another 24 inches to your total measurement.

The note is having extra long window curtains are heavier and more difficult for the treatment than the standard models.



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