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Nail Art 101


Since many people start to like using nail art on their nails, there are so many products and designs of nail to support this fashion. Each product has its excess to make your nails better and better. So the advance of nail art is fastly enough. The products that offered can by online or real store. The products of nail art online is usually promoted by the pictures of various nail designs with the tools to make it completely. You can choose then order it to the owner of the website, and you can do transaction via transfer from bank to bank, then you will get the product that you ordered.

But there is online media that give various information for you about nail art. The information will guide you to make decision for your nails in the middle of many online shop that offer various products. That is nail art 101. This is a free online resource teaching you everything that you need to know for making your own beautiful manicure. You can visit this website that provide some tutorials with inspiring design photos of nail art. Beside that, you can get some information of nail care and supplies on it. All you need is available in here, include nail wrap tutorial, gradient nails tutorial, multicolored nail art foils, velvet nails tutorial, tribal nails tutorial, handpainted zebra nails tutorial, gel nail polish tutorial, etc. Beside the tutorial for making nail art, you can get some information about the product that useful for you, such as a guide to nail art pens.

If you are a beginner of nail art, and basically you dislike to go to salon for manicure, you can visit nail art 101. It will help you to do your own manicure with many tutorials. So if you feel lazy to come to salon, sometimes you can try it at home.


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