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Self Esteem Building Activities for Youth

Decreased self-esteem can happen to anyone. This is natural as a human being caused by psychological conditions and the surrounding environment. Actually not only attacking the young but also the old. So let's discuss about self esteem building activities for youth.

But first understand this difference in self-esteem with humility, yes, because there are still many who often fall back. If we are humble, this is a trait we must have in order to avoid being arrogant and greedy. With low self-esteem who always consider themselves unworthy. This is what often causes a decrease in one's self-esteem.

The Importance of Self Esteem Building Activities for Youth

Building self-esteem is not easy and not instant. Therefore, a continuous stimulus is needed. Because it could be that today's self-esteem increases but the next day's self-esteem decreases. Maybe because of being in a good mood, overthinking, and other negative feelings that trigger a decline in self-esteem.

Why is building self-esteem important, especially for young people?

Nowadays, there is a lot of bullying that causes a decrease in children's self-esteem and self-confidence. Actually, this happens because there are previous events that have not been completed and still leave traumatic for the child so that when something happens that is almost similar to the situation, the child recalls his memory and finally acts the same.

But that does not mean building self-esteem to make the child always feel right and his friends are wrong, not for self-defense which is wrong, but building self-esteem is being able to see what is right and what is not.

A child who is not taught to have self-respect since childhood will grow up with less ability to respect himself. In the end it is easy to hurt himself and worst self harm. Well, that's why building self-esteem is so important.


Tips of Self Esteem Building Activities for Youth

Here are some self esteem building activities for youth : 

1. Writing Feelings

I call this activity as keeping a daily journal. You can write down daily activities, but it's not limited to just writing a list of activities. But it is also accompanied by feelings when doing it and writing how other people respond that he also feels.

When I was in school, I used to write my daily activities into a diary. I didn't know how to write it at first. But I realized that I don't have to be good at writing it, because I only need to express what is in my thoughts and feelings, and only for myself not to be judged by others. Writing activity has become a habit. Sometimes I reread it and I find myself able to bounce back when I reread my accomplishments.

Well, try to write down your daily activities descriptively. After writing usually you can feel a little relieved and can recognize what feelings you are going through.

2. Ask for Evidence

Self-esteem that begins to decline is usually marked by anxiety that is felt as a result of overthinking. For example, you feel that other people hate you. Try asking yourself that proof, right? What's the proof they hate you?

According to Andrea Owen in his book How To Stop Feeling Like Sh*t, she calls it inner criticism. Inner criticism often makes us feel worthless.

You should also ask yourself where this inner condemnation comes from. Maybe you've experienced it and your fear is just a memory you haven't finished healing.

3. Seeing from the Positive Side

It's easier to compare yourself to others. This means that it is easier to hurt yourself than to explore your potential. Because basically we are always limited by our own thoughts.

Comparing yourself with others can be done more wisely without hurting or lowering self-esteem. By always seeing the positive side of every existing condition. For example, when you compare yourself with other people who have many advantages over you. Why yes he can do this and that, while I can't. This "I don't" is often unproven because you've never tried it but immediately judge yourself that you can't. It is our thoughts that limit and block ourselves from the opportunities that exist.

4. Come out

For those of you who are used to withdrawing from the association, of course this is quite difficult to do. Usually you don't get along, why are you told to get along. But I know deep down in your heart, you too want to feel happiness like them. The proof is you feel lonely when you withdraw from the association.

This also happened to me. Often thoughts limiting that this is embarrassing and it's not, which in the end I'm just following the norms made by others, not based on my own wishes. Sometimes it's necessary to break the limit and feel beyond the limit.

By going out and trying to meet people then we will see reality. Is it true that people think like what we have been worried about all this time, maybe it's just our thoughts.

5. Pay Attention to Yourself

Try to pay attention to yourself more often. It's good to put the interests of other people above yourself, but look at the situation and conditions as well. Well, this is not understood by children. Their focus on being someone else continues to ignore their own needs.

I experienced it so that I put aside my personal needs, I always tried to be a financial hero for my extended family so that instead I fell into debt.

Therefore, young people need to be educated about self love, how they can love themselves without hurting others. Loving yourself is also a good thing. That's something to remember.


The Role of Parents of Self Esteem Building Activities for Youth

The role of parents is very important in the process of self esteem building activities for youth. Because parents are the most needed support system for children compared to their friends. If the child feels that he has support from within the family, I am sure he will not seek support from outside. Because from their parents is enough.

There is an interesting case example that I read on my friend's WA story last night. He gave a case if a child was hurt in school what parents would do. He provides several options that have an impact on the child, not only solve the problem. The first option, parents will tell the child to hurt his friend back. The second option, parents will tell the child to be quiet and fine. Each parent's choices of action will have an impact on the child until he grows up. The first option means that parents teach to respond with violence and have an impact on the child that in the future the child will do the same thing (using violence) to solve the problem. The second option teaches children that violence is right and that it is natural to hurt them. This will have an impact on the child not being able to give respect to himself, considering others hurting him is worthy, and in the end he will only do everything to please others (people pleaser).

If you were a parent, which course of action would you choose?

Of course not both. Because they do not have a good impact on children. There are several tips of self esteem building activities for youth that you can apply, namely:

1. Teach children to dare to say no. The child must be able to express what he does not like.

2. Teach the child to report the incident to the more competent authorities, such as if it happened at school, it is better for the child to report it to the teacher.

3. Teach children to recognize their emotions. It's okay if the child feels hurt, disappointed, wants to be angry, etc. Your job as a parent is to teach them good ways to vent their emotions without hurting yourself and others.

4. Train children to solve their own problems. This is certainly something challenging for children and appreciate their attitude.


Well, that's how self esteem building activities for youth that can be applied every day. We cannot determine their future, but we can guide and direct them to choose good actions.


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