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6 Regulations of APA Research Paper Template

APA research paper template is not only an association that puts forward thinking in research, but also makes a standard APA template writing.

APA is short for American Psychological Association. APA is engaged in research which is a gathering place for US and Canadian psychologists. They not only made research based on their thoughts, but also created their own writing standards which are now called what research paper templates are. Being a successful academy is not easy, many regulations are binding in the authorship format. APA research paper template is one solution for researchers to use as a standard research format.

Initially what was involved in the field of psychological research, but now many derivative studies are carried out, such as criminology, business, economics, pedagogy, sociology, etc. These fields of study began using APA templates because they were considered easier and more effective in writing research results.

The purpose of the establishment of what is to introduce the field of science and the profession of psychology to the world that has a concern on mental health and education of people in the world. Now its members are more than 150,000 members from all over the world, not only from the United States and Canada.

The Guidelines of Apa Research Paper Template

The following are some of the research standards created by what. What not only gives examples of paper template formats, but also how to cite sources and how research should be structured.

1. The text must be typed in the standard format 8.5 '' x 11 '' on the white paper.

2. APA style uses font sizes and types that are easy to read, the font Times New Roman size 12.

3. In the title using double spaces, as well as in other parts.

4. Use margin 1 'on each page.

5. Each paragraph protrudes to the left 1.5 inch from the left.

6. In the special header, including page numbers and running heads in capital letters. That also applies to the title page.

The following is a more detailed explanation of what parts of the paper templates are.

Title page

In APA paper template, the title page is arranged in such a way. The title page is always present in all studies, but the APA research paper template has its own rules.

The page title of APA is in the middle of the page, like everything else. But the number of words used in the title page must not exceed 12 words. Avoid less important words and abbreviations.

Whatever is written on the title page must use double spaces. And the author's name may not be followed by the title or title of Mr., only first name and last name only.

Write your name of college or university or institution on the title page. Use capital letters for the running head that you write in the header.


The APA research paper template must enter the abstract after the title page. The rules of writing this abstract are written in the middle, or center format with 12 times new roman font size. The number of words used is no more than 250 words. This abstract aims to show a brief overview or summary of the research written.

Sentences written in the abstract do not need to be too long. Enough to contain 2-3 sentences explaining the contents of the study. Abstracts are made to be easily searched by people about the results of their research, so people just read the abstract when looking for it.



The body that contains the contents of this study is not limited to how many pages. Writing is also enough to use only bold fonts that give the title of your research. You don't need to provide underlined or italic fonts.

This body part tells the results of his research. Although the number of pages is not limited, but the results of research should be written as effectively as possible. So that not too many sentences are wasted and lost meaning because the explanation is too long.


The Citation and References

In writing the source of reading or research obtained from books or written media is almost the same as other research formats.

Citation must be written protruding 1.5 inches from the left margin. To write the name of the author of the book, first written is last name then first name to the seventh letter only. After that write the year of publication. Then write the title of the book that you are making the research source. Then on what page did you find the reading source. Last followed by the book publisher or official website.

Citation writing is basically the same as in other writing, both when writing sources obtained from books, journals, websites, or direct interviews. So you can get the default format through browsing or learn more about APA research paper templates.

APA format does not overwhelm the researchers, but provides assistance in finding a format that can enable professional researchers to effectively and efficiently write the results of the research.


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